Permanent & Contract Staffing

Davzon is a recruitment firm based in India and provides permanent and contract staffing globally, focusing on the UK, the US, the UAE, Australia, and India. Davzon understands how critical it is to find the right employee with the right skills who can contribute to your organization's success. With over ten years of experience in the permanent and contract staffing industry, we make client satisfaction a top priority by providing qualified candidates. As a recruitment agency, we provide global talent and local excellence to meet your Human Resource Requirements, resulting in higher business growth.

Our Work Process

Prepare and outline: We outline the position that must be filled from our end at the beginning of the entire permanent and contract staffing recruiting process. It is frequently referred to as "identifying the talent gap." Salary budgets and job descriptions are created during this phase.

How do we find the best talent for you? Here are the 4 stages of the Full Cycle of Recruitment to which Davzon adheres:



Sourcing talent: It’s impossible to name just a few places where recruiters can find candidates. We pull on the levers – whether job boards or social media – to initiate conversations with potential candidates or collect applications and resumes. Employees are recruited through various sources, including job boards and social media networks.


Candidate screening & Interviewing: The recruiter will use the criteria specified when outlining the job posting to narrow the pool of candidates.After identifying several candidates, we select a few based on client requirement & candidate skills. After screening applicants, a full-cycle recruiter conducts interviews or collaborates with a hiring manager to conduct interviews. Telephonic interviews and background checks are part of the screening process.Making an offer: Once a final candidate is chosen, we proceed to the offer stage, which may include bench-marking compensation, salary, and benefits negotiations.


On-boarding: As a reputable full-cycle recruiter agency, we will undoubtedly assist with on-boarding.

What we do

Full-Time/Permanent Employment:

Permanent employees are employed by a single employer and are paid a set salary. In this case, the candidate's employment has no selected end date. In this type,the candidates are hired for a permanent position, and the recruitment firm is paid a time fee.

Contract Staffing:

A contract recruitment arrangement occurs when a client hires a candidate for a specified period. As a result, the candidate is on the payroll of the recruitment agency. With this model, the candidate is indirectly paid by the client, usually through an agency.

As a full-cycle recruitment firm, we aim to handle end-to-end recruitments for businesses of all sizes. The recruitment cycle consists of six major stages: preparing, sourcing, screening, selecting, hiring, and onboarding. There are two types of recruitment offered by Davzon.


What kinds of services do staffing companies offer?

Staffing firms provide employment-related services, such as temporary and contract to staff, recruiting and permanent placement, outsourcing and outplacement, and human resource consulting.

What are the advantages of working with a recruitment agency?

Working with a recruitment agency such as Davzon saves businesses time and money. Companies that outsource staffing can focus on growing their business rather than interviewing and selecting new hires. Using a staffing agency reduces risk because staffing agencies pre-screen employees and ensure quality hires.

Is it beneficial to sources from an Indian company?

In comparison to foreign companies, we are more affordable because our vision is to provide services at a cost-effective and reasonable price for our rents.